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The Toledo Blade describes Gary as "the most conservative of three Republican candidates" hoping to secure the party's nomination for the 88th Ohio House District. 

Donate up to $50 or $100 before the end of the year and get it all back! Click on this link to learn more! 

Elect a Common Sense Conservative

Gary Click has been described as a common sense conservative with the background and experience necessary to represent Ohio's 88th House District. 

Gary stands solidly on conservative, constitutional principles that put people first. He is committed to representing the best interests of the 88th District as your next state representative. Please take time to learn about Gary, where he stands on the issues important to you, and how you can get involved in this grassroots campaign. 

Now More than Ever

There has never been a better time to send a conservative to Columbus to stand for the values that you hold dear. Whether its lower taxes, less regulation, the Second Amendment, religious liberty, better education, welfare reform of jobs, Gary is the guy with a plan and the vision to see it through. 

Join the Team

Gary invites you to join him in spreading a message of Hope for Ohio. The task before us is large but together we can make a difference for Ohio's future. just click on the appropriate links to learn what Gary stands for and how you can be a part of this winning team. 

The Committee to Elect Gary Click
Jerri Miller, Treasurer
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